The Yoga Dictionary

The Sanskrit language is rich in words to communicate ideas about spiritual life, yoga, and God realization. This dictionary, appearing by installments in BACK TO GODHEAD, focuses upon the most important of these words (and, occasionally, upon relevant... read more

Letters, Volume-17 Number-06, 1982

I am familiar with the basic tenets of Krsna consciousness, perhaps the most essential being that the bodies of all living creatures contain a spirit soul, which is their real self and which transmigrates from body to body. Recently I was reading a biology textbook... read more
Brahma Visnu Siva

Brahma Visnu Siva

Clearing up some misconceptions about "the Hindu trinity" The three interesting-looking persons depicted here are Brahma, the world-creator, Visnu, the world-maintainer, and Siva, the world-destroyer. Perhaps you've heard them characterized in that very... read more