I thought I was a daughter, a mother and a wife, 
When and how did this ignorance engulf my life? 
Why did I turn my face away from You, 
And get a body, each time, young and new? 
Never once did I question – who am I, 
Where did I come from and why do I die?
Am I a tiger, who is destined to eat the deer, 
Or one whose hunger is so important, that I'll kill to eat without fear? 
Am I a vulture who waits for someone to die, 
Or one who arrives just for the wealth of the dead, to enjoy? 
Am I a frog, who feels the ocean can't be bigger than his well, 
Or an expert engaged in proving the mundane and has nothing to tell? 
Am I the grass who forgives all those who trample and hurt, 
Or a tyrant who crushes his competitors to the dirt? 
Am I a lion, who can mate forty times a day, 
Or one who chooses the contraception and abortion way? 
Am I an elephant who needs 400 kilos grass every day, 
Or the busy intellectual who forgets to pray? 
Am I a tree, that tolerates rains, winds, heat and snow, 
Or a skeptic with faith at times high and others low? 
Am I a workaholic, whose ambitions always soar, 
Or an unscrupulous one, who is not afraid of blood and gore? 
When will I grow above Sleeping, Eating, Enjoying/mating, Defending (SEED) 
When will I realize that a Necklace of Vaishnava qualities, Enlightenment, 
Enthusiasm, Direction from Guru is all I really NEED? 
I am a seeker of Your eternal abode, 
Then what am I searching for on this Mumbai road? 
Why did this ignorance fog my mind? 
Where will I look for You and when will I, You, find? 
All those lost moments of service, how willi regain? 
o my Lord, please forgive me, and take away this pain. 
Let me realize, 0 merciful Lord, who I really am, 
And help me put an end to this sham! 
Let me serve You, 0 my Master, forever and a day 
And never ever again send me away!