In 1973, Piggots Manor near London became Bhaktivedanta Manor after George Harrison bought it for Srila Prabhupada and the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. That same year, during the celebration of Lord Krishna’s appearance in this world fifty centuries ago, Srila Prabhupada conducted the installation of Sri Sri Radha- Gokulananda at the Manor. After offering the first arati to the deities, Prabhupada danced around Them in spiritual ecstasy, transporting his disciples to new levels of spiritual joy as the kirtana (chanting) of the Lord’s holy names filled their hearts.

Now situated on eighty acres (originally seventeen), Bhaktivedanta Manor is a major pilgrimage destination in the UK. Seventy thousand people attended the 2013 two-day Janmastami festival to honor the appearance of Krishna as well as Srila Prabhupada, whose birthday falls the day after Janmastami.

Festival organizers recruited a group of photographers from the congregation to document the event. We especially thank photographer David Crick, who coordinated the photography and then sifted through thousands of photos to help BTG narrow down the final selection. We also thank Tattvavit Dasa, who wrote the captions and assisted greatly in other ways to put together the photo overview for this issue.

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