Nagaraja Dasa - Back To Godhead

The title of Srila Prabhu­pada's lecture in this issue-"Attaining Krishna's Abode" -expresses what, according to Lord Krishna Himself, should be the goal of every human being.

Krishna's transcendental kingdom, as Prabhu­pad a calls it in his lecture, is the only place where we can fulfill our innermost desires.

A few articles in this issue spotlight the challenges we souls meet in the material world. Caitanya Carana Dasa helps us under­stand karma and its connection to our suf­fering. In "Face to Face with Frustration," Murari Gupta Dasa explains some spiritual solutions he draws on when faced with inevi­table setbacks. Yugavatara Dasa's "The Crow Story that Changed My Life" teaches that the satisfaction eluding us in material life can be found only in Krishna consciousness. And in "An Appointment with Mr. Death," Vraja Vihari Dasa tells how he witnessed that a devotee of Krishna can cheerfully face even the ultimate challenge.

To take our Krishna consciousness from theory to realization, pure chanting of Krishna's names is required, as Sankarsana Dasa explains in "Revolutionize Your Heart and Revolutionize the World." And in "Krishna on the Page," Urmila Devi Dasi shows how a spiritual revolution could even begin in children's reading class.

Hare Krishna. – Nagaraja Dasa, Editor

Our Purposes

• To help all people discern reality from illusion, spirit from matter, the eternal from the temporary.
• To expose the faults of materialism.
• To offer guidance in the Vedic techniques of spiritual life.
• To preserve and spread the Vedic culture.
• To celebrate the chanting of the holy names of God as taught by Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
• To help every living being remember and serve Sri Krishna, the Personality of Godhead.