New and Old Temple

Vrnda kunda Vrnda Kunda is where Srimati Vrnda Dev is said to contemplate how she will arrange the daily pastimes of Radharani and Krsna.Next to Vrnda kunda is Gupta Kunda.

Gupta kunda is considered to be one of the most important kundas in the Vraja area.It is said to be one of the three yogapithas in Vraja.The other two are at Radha Kunda and near the Govindajl temple in Vrndavana.A yoga-pitha is an eternal center of the Lord's pastimes.It is said that Radha and Krsna meet in the morning at Gupta kunda,during the mid-day at Radhakunda and near the Radha -Govinda temple in Vrndavana at night.

There is a beautiful deity of Vrnda Devi in the temple here.She has a yellow parrot on her left hand.This parrot is said to fly around Vrndavana and on returning tells Vrnda Devi what is happening there. The parrot is named Daksa and is said to have one lakh disciples.

Vrnda Devi arranges the pastimes in Vrndavana. Tulasi is an expansion of Vrnda Devi. Paurnamasi is the guru of Vrnda Devi.


Some five thousand years ago,after Krsna and His associates wound up Their earthly pastimes,the Lord's great-grandson,Vajranabha Maharaja,installed Deities of Krsna all over Vraja including Vrnda Kunda.Later,unfortunately,They were disfigured by Mogul invaders and for some time They disappeared from human sight.

The great Vaisnava saint Baba Madhava Dasa (see page 6) helped in protecting and maintaining the holy sites of Krsna- lila including Vrnda Kunda. Before leaving this world he handed over the care of Vrnda Kunda to ISKCON 1989.

Since then, under the determined leadership of Dinabandhu Dasa, a small crew of Vrnda -bhaktas beautified the complex by cleaning the kundas, constructing new steps and rooms for vis iting devotees, planting vegetab le and flower gardens around the kundas, completing Baba Madhava Dasa's samadhi. Devotees also feed sadhus and poor villagers every day.

A new sandstone temple was built and a beautiful deity of Vrnda Devi was installed in 2003. Dinabandhu Dasa designed a beautiful wrought-iron gate ornate with parrots, which now graces the entrance to Vrnda Kunda.


Vrnda Kunda is one kilometer from Nandagrama. To get to Vrnda Kunda take a taxi from Nandagrama and stop between Varsana and Nandagram. To get here from Vrndavana by public transport take a public bus to the town of Kosi, from there take a tempo to Nandgaon, and then walk the remaining distance of one kilometer. It takes about one hour from the KrsI:la-Balarama Mandir in Vrndavana.

Vrnda Kunda atmosphere is perfect for remembering Lord Krsna. Without any disturbance you can study, chant, pray, bathe, sweep the paths, clean the kundas, weed the garden and taste, at every step, the sweet nectar of service to Srimati Vrnda Devi