A gold moon shines in the Bengal sky; grace descends to earth;
A village on the Ganga's edge, unknown in its true worth;
Five separate personalities, the form of God complete,
Their mission to bring love of God to village, town, and street.

Their light illuminates the days of Kali's darkened reign;
United voices sound the call of Krsna's holy name;
Five forms of beauty till now unseen, images divine;
Five truths to set from bondage free, the soul, the heart, the mind.

Echoes of Caitanya's song are heard throughout the nation,
Releasing fallen souls from bleak spiritual privation;
Five forms of love personified, their mercy free to all
Who hear the sound vibration of Caitanya's bhakti call.

The world rejoiced, the golden age had come; but would it stay?
Vaisnavas countrywide met the inevitable day,
The Lord had left; hearts of all broke in separation,
From Ganga's banks to Puri's shores, racked by devastation.

The years went by, the message faded, changed by faulty men;
The pure servants of Lord Caitanya prayed that once again
A messenger, strong and true, would come, take the Lord's desire
And spread it through the world again, raise consciousness yet higher.

Time still passed, and one by one blessed souls the world did see
Bhaktivinoda Thakura and his son, Sri Sarasvati,
They paved the way, brought Lord Caitanya's name and fame to all
And taught that where devotion reigned, class consciousness would pall.

Then one unique amongst them all, one thing set him apart,
The mission of his guru firmly planted in his heart,
Prabhupada left the shores of home and planted in the world
The fragile seed of bhakti, and watched its soft leaves unfurl.

Again the globe resounded, the same divine vibration
As when the five Lords had once spread out across the nation;
But this time there was something more, a task to be achieved,
To take Caitanya's message farther than before perceived.

Just as Bhaktivinoda had known that one day soon he'd see
Foreigners from far and wide chanting here in Navadwip,
Prabhupada had plans; he knew Lord Nityananada's vision
A temple rising from the toil of hands from many nations.

And now the ground of Mayapur is trod by many feet;
From far and wide the pilgrims come to taste this land so sweet;
It's not a dream, imagination, though it sounds absurd,
To believe Sri Mayapur is the spiritual world.

So once more five stars appear in a darkened Bengal sky;
This time their names are known, no need to wonder who or why;
Brought by Srila Prabhupada, whose mission is to expand
The message of Caitanya, emanating from His land.

Their forms have come to Mayapur, a miracle to behold;
Graceful, tall sheer beauty in a soft hue of liquid gold
They descend again before us, magnificent to see!
Once more to walk amongst us, and our hearts and souls set free.

They're here to take their mission forth, which Prabhupada began,
From Mayapur, through India, to all the foreign lands;
This time they have the helping hands of many devotees,
All of whom felt Prabhupada's touch and are heirs to his decree.

So in this year 2004, as thousands come to greet
Sri Sri Panca-tattva and gather at their lotus feet,
The kirtana swells and voices soar a transcendental band!
All glories to Sri Mayapur Sri Panca-tattva's land!