There are three mindsets in this world: samskrti, vikrti and prakrti. Samskrti is the mindset where you keep your needs aside and focus on others needs. Vikrti is the mindset where your needs take prominence to the extent of even crushing others needs. This is called competition. And prakrti is the mindset that is convertible into either samskrti or vikrti. In the Ramayana, Ayodhya represents samskrti, Lanka represents vikrti, and Kiskindha represents prakrti.

When we love things and use people, leading to the mindset of use and throw, we are following the culture of Lanka. The law of coercing teaches one that what is mine is mine, and what is yours is also mine.

The law of sharing acts as a bridge across waters of frustration around the island of pride and loneliness, opening up the route to the mainland garden of love. When we follow the law of sharing,we are following the culture of Ayodhya.

Today these three mindsets have become three value systems and therefore three lifestyles. The greatest hunger today is not the hunger of the belly, but the hunger of the heart. Today's education system informs us, but we need a system that transforms us. An uneducated heart competes, a half-educated heart cooperates, but an enlightened heart serves. From self-satisfaction comes contentment and from contentment comes the desire to serve.

All of us are in the category of prakrti. When we tilt towards vikrti, we create a Lanka atmosphere in the world. But when we tilt towards samskrti, we create an Ayodhya atmosphere.

Subha Vilasa Dasa is a motivational speaker and a spiritual lifestyle coach. He is also the author of the six-volume series Ramayana — The Game of Life (Book 1). His email:

Three mindsets