Service To the Devine Couple

In his Sri Sri Radha-Krsnaganoddesa-dipika,Srila Rupa Goswami describes Vrnda Devi as the best of Krsna's gopi messengers. 

The gopi messengers expertl y know the geography of Vrndavana,and they intimately know each grove and garden there. They are also learned in the science of gardening. All the gopi messengers are filled with great love for Sri Sri Radha and Krsna,but among them,Vrnda Devi is the best.She has a beautiful complexion,like molten gold,wears blue garments,and is decorated with pearls and flowers.Srila Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami has explained in Vraja Vilasa Stava that "Vrnda Devi is the transcendental orchestrator of Radha-Krsna pastimes.She decorates the pastime groves and creates a festive atmosphere to enhance the divine couple's pleasure." She is expert at arranging the meeting of Radha and Krsna, and she knows the best places for the Divine Couple's rendezvous.Flowers,creepers,vines and trees are under her supervision,and all the birds and animals in Vrndavana carry out her orders.Her chief disciple, the yellow parrot Daksa,resides upon her left hand.From there he sends the other one lakh parrot disciples flying all over Vraja to deliver Vrnda Devi's messages or warnings of unforeseen events.

Nandagrama,the eternal residence of Nanda Maharaja,is built on Nandisvara Hill.Vrnda Devi's place,Vrnda Kunda,is at the foot of Nandisvara Hill,near Pavanasarovara,where Srimati Radharani comes every morning to cook Krsna's breakfast.Meanwhile,Krsna and Balarama milk the cows,and Paurnamasi,the guru of Vraja,meets Vrnda Devi at her place to plan the Divine Couple's pleasure pastimes for that day.For each of the eightfold daily pastimes of Radha and Krsna,Vrnda Devi makes elaborate arrangements for an appropriate forest spot and specific trees,creepers,fruits,flowers,birds and other animals.She personally selects the various color combinations,fragrances,songs,and musical instruments to be offered for the pleasure of Radha and Krsna;and she decides who,among the unlimited number of gopis and manjaris,will assist Sri Lalita and Visakha offer sandalwood pulp,serve refreshments, play musical instruments,fan the Divine Couple with camaras,and offer pan,betel nuts,and spices on a jeweled tray.Every single detail of each and everyone of Radha and Krsnas eight fold daily pastimeswhich peacocks will dance, which bumble bees will hum,which parrots and kokilas will sing,which breezes will blow is engineered by Vrnda Devi. After Krsna and Balarama finish Their morning meal,They go to the forests of Vrndavana to tend Their cows with Their cowherd boyfriends,while Srimati Radharani and Her associates walk back to Her home in Yavat.On the way,Srimati Radhika stops at Vrnda Kunda and secretly meets Krsna there,at the spot named Gupta Kunda (gupta means secret).Since Gupta Kunda is the first daily meeting place of Radha and Krsna, the residents of Vrndavana refer to that place as a "Yoga-pitha,"or a center of eternal pastimes.

From dawn to sunrise,Vrnda Devi lovingly engages in the service of the Divine Couple.It is she who prepares Their bed of flowers at night,she who wakes Them up and sends Them to Their respective homes before sunrise.Her love for Them is unlimited.