In the annual number of "Social Welfare," Shri Rajagopalachari has drawn the attention of women in the following words:

"The fundamental of Social Welfare is purity of conduct. The special responsibility in this respect that of our womenfolk. The men are incorrigible. The only hope is in our women.

"Standards of expenditure and of empty show have made money the sole or dominant aim of life. This has affected our womenfolk now and it is therefore an alarming state of things: I hear stories of easy corruption at all levels of society.

"Woman must refuse to give away her most precious possession. Thus only will the mothers of our land be strong, powerful and good. Our future generations depend on the strength and goodness of our mothers." As far as social welfare goes, the home is the real basic school, the High School and the University and the mother is the Headmistress and Vice-Chancellor thereof.

Some twenty years before or more than that one medical practitioner disclosed his experience that some women in the hospital were ready to give away their precious possession in exchange of some quinine tablets. At that time we could not believe that story but how can we disbelieve our veteran leader Rajaji when he says easy corruption in an alarming state at all levels of society. Is it possible to make any progress of social welfare worth the name in such alarming state of affairs? If we have to believe the authority of Bhagwat Geeta, we must then admit that corruption of womenfolk in social life is the strongest stumbling block on the progressive march of social welfare work.

Shree Arjuna Maharaj made some arguments with Shree Krishna on the subject matter of social welfare in the following words: [Bg. 1.40-43]

"Adharma, Abhibhabat, Krishna, Pradushyanti, Kulastriya, Streesu, Dustasu, Varshneya, Jayate, Varnasankara.

"Sankaro, Narakaya, Eba, Kulghananam, Kulashya, Cha, Patanti, Pitaro, Hi, Esham, Lupta, Pinda, Udaka, Kriya.

"Doshai, Etai, Kulaghanam, Varna, Sankara, Karakai, Utsyadyante, Jati Dharma, Kuladharma, Cha, Saswata.

"Utsanna, Kuladharmanam, Manushyanam, Janardana, Narakey, Niyatam, Basa, Bhabati, Hi, Anusushruma."


Adharma-Irreligiosity, Abhibhabat-By upheaval of, Krishna-Oh Krishna, Pradushyanti-Become corrupted, Kulastriya-Women of the family, Strisu-Upon the women's, Dustasu-Becoming corrupted, Varnasankara-Bastard population, Jaynatey-Grow, Varshneya-Oh the descendant of Vishnu.

Sankara-Non-regulated population, Naraka-Hell, Eba-Like the, Kulaghanam-Of the destroyer of family, Kulashya-Of the family, Cha-And, Patanti-Degrade, Pitaro-The forefather, Hi-Certainly,Esham-Of them, Lupta-Having been stopped, Udaka-Water, Pinda-Offering of foodstuff, Kriya-Activities.

Doshai-By fault, Etai-Like this, Kulaghanam-Of the destroyer of family, Varna Sankara-Irregulated, Karakai-By the author, Usoyadonte-Become uprooted, Jati Dharma-National importance,Kuladharma-Family tradition, Cha-And, Saswata-Perpetual.

Utsanna-Spoiled, Kulaghanam-Destroyer of family traditions, Manushyanam-Of the men, Janardana-Oh The Killer of unwanted men, Narakey-In the Hell, Niyatam-Always, Basa-Habitation,Bhabati-Do take place, Hi-Thus, Anususrano-I have heard from authorities.


"Oh Krishna! when there is upheaval of irreligiosity, the family women become corrupted. And on the women's becoming corrupted, Oh the descendant of Vishnu! irregulated population flourishes.

"Such irregular population is the source of hellish existence both for the family and the destroyer of the family traditions. By such actions the forefathers of the family are degraded on account of ceasing the custom of offering foodstuff and water.

"By such faulty actions of the destroyers of family traditions the eternal traditional national significance is also spoiled due to the cause of increasing an irregulated population.

"Oh Janardana (the killer of unwanted men)! men who are spoiled by such destruction of family tradition certainly do habitate always in the hell. I have heard this from authoritative sources."


There are twenty different scriptures of religious rites called Dharama Sastra made by Manu the original father of all men. They are but regulative principles to fulfill the mission of human life. For example the Samaskaras or the ten reformatory processes to bring in a human being in the proper status of psychic and biological development with all concessions of the animal portion. The beginning of such Samaskara is the Garbhadhana or birth-giving function. The modern planned family clinics are perverted reflection of this 'Garbhadhana' Samaskara. The modern method is an artificial way of checking unwanted population. But the Garbhadhana system is the most scientific method of birth control clinic in the voluntary way. The population must be checked by voluntary method and not by artificial contraceptive ways which are not only detrimental to normal progress of health both for the men and women-but they are also sinful acts of killing a living entity in the embryo. Such sinful acts have their reactions bringing in unwanted population called the Varna Sankara.

The mentality of the child is created by the father and mother by unscientific birth-giving process in the absence of Garbhadhana Samaskara. The Garbhadhana Samaskara is also a checking method for restricting bastard children. We do not wish to go into the details of the Garbhadhana Samaskara or any other such reformatory processes but if need be we can definitely prove that since we have stopped observing these reformatory processes-the whole Hindu society has lost its special significance in the matter of social and religious dealings.