Peace and Sustenance How do you remain fixed when the entire world is questioning your beliefs and you feel like giving up to find peace and sustenance? – Shruti D. Jedhiya

Our reply: Yes, it is a difficult world out there. But we should know what we want in life. The world that questions our beliefs cannot provide any useful solutions for our peace and sustenance. The problems of birth, death, old age, and disease haunt us at every turn. No one can prevent these problems. With these problems in front of us, we should be determined in our spiritual progress.

To remain fixed, one should seek the association of devotees who practice bhakti-yoga without motivation or hindrance. If we are in the midst of materialists, we tend to think like them and think there is reality in the illusion of material existence. But by being in the company of devotees, we gain knowledge. And by chanting Krishna’s names, hearing about Him, and eating Krishna-prasadam, our minds become purified and we can clearly see the falsity of material progress.

So please chant Hare Krishna and try to be in the company of devotees as much as possible, at least through the Internet, if not in person.

Chanting with Feeling

Please tell me how to chant with feeling, so that I get very good results.- Nina Sood

Our reply: Srila Prabhupada said that we should chant like a child crying for its mother. We have to feel dependent on the Lord. The mantra is a prayer asking Him to engage us in His service.

Find your sacred place to chant without disturbance, and then be conscious that this is your personal, intimate time with Krishna. You are going to chant for a certain amount of time, so take it seriously and chant attentively. To hear and chant properly takes a lot of practice. The tongue, lips, and jaw should be moving, and the ears ready to hear.

Now, getting down to the heart that’s when the work really begins. The mind usually makes it hard to concentrate and get to the point of bringing the name to the heart. Then comes the time to pour out your heart, to let Krishna know your desire to contact Him, to get to know Him, and to satisfy Him. The chanting is for His pleasure and our purification. It is not just to feel some “high” of transcendence. The results will be a revival of our Krishna consciousness, which is granted when Krishna is pleased.

Krishna’s Apparent Partiality

Krishna says he loves the gopis of Vrindavana more than anyone else. Isn’t this partial and forgive me, but even cheating, when it is said that our constitutional position is already designed? – Lakshmikanth

Our reply: Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita that as others approach Him, He reciprocates in kind. He says the He is equal to all but especially loves those who love Him. The gopis of Vrindavana love Krishna more than anyone else. They give up everything to love Him, and Krishna reciprocates their love. That is not partial; it is just and natural.

Our basic position is that of a servant of the Lord. How we choose to serve is up to us. We can passively adore Krishna, actively serve Him, be His friend, or serve Him with parental affection or in the conjugal mood. Controlling the Will I want to be a determined person. Will you tell me how we can control our will? – Sachin

Our reply: By making vows and sticking to them we can increase our determination. In this age the most important vow to make is to chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra a fixed number of times each day. If you have not done this, you can begin today.

Another good vow is to eat only food offered to Krishna. By following these two vows, your consciousness will gradually be elevated to the platform of goodness, where controlling the mind and senses is relatively easy.

Why Are We Here?

Why do we face problems that we don’t deserve? Why do we choose to live materially? Why did God send us here if He loves us and cares for us? – Disha

Our reply: These are good questions to ask so that we can achieve the perfection of human life. If a criminal asks, “Why am I suffering in prison, which I don’t deserve? Why did the government send me to prison if it cares for me?” then what will you say? God does care for us. But because we have done something wrong, we are sent to the prison of the material world.

We choose to enjoy separately from Krishna and become envious of Him. So Krishna kindly gives us this world, where we can enjoy in illusion. If we had done nothing wrong, we would not be suffering in God’s creation. He is all-merciful and loves us dearly. So as not to disturb the law-abiding souls, Krishna sends a few troublesome souls like us to the material world. The majority of souls stay in the spiritual world, enjoying with Krishna.

To get out of this world we should chant the holy names of Krishna and eat only food offered to Him. Just by doing these two acts, we can be purified.

Afraid of Offenses

Whenever I’m near devotees, I’m always anxious because I fear I might commit some offense unknowingly. If we unknowingly offend a Vaishnava, will Krishna for give us or punish us? It is said in Gita that even a small amount of devotional service never goes fruitless, even after death. But if a person offends a Vaishnava, does all the devotional service he has done for Krishna go waste? – Deepanshu

Our reply: Your concern is valid. We should be careful not to offend Vaishnavas. But the way to rectify this mentality is to associate with the Vaishnavas. In their company, we will learn from their example how to avoid offenses.

It is an offense to belittle or speak ill of Vaishnavas. If by inattention we offend them, we must beg their forgiveness. A true Vaishnava will readily forgive, and then so will Krishna.

The reaction to an offense will depend on its severity. If we deliberately commit a grievous offense, our progress in devotional service will be blocked. But if we beg forgiveness and the Vaishnava forgives us, we can continue with devotional service and not lose anything.

Replies were written by Krishna. com’s Live Help volunteers.

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