Living with Love

I wish to thank you and the special person who faithfully sends me your magazine. There are many books and journals in the marketplace. Yours is the one I save, the one I pick up first if I have a few minutes, and the one that nourishes my mind and heart.

I met some devotees several years ago when they came to see me as clients. I am a naturopathic doctor. I was impressed by their gentle manner and humble outlook on life. They reminded me of how my grandmother taught me as a child. I soon found that many of our beliefs are similar.

I believe you have greatly assisted in the spiritual healing of the earth and its people. We are learning how to live at peace and with love as the world becomes more violent every day. The devotees are seen everywhere giving a friendly sharing love and message to all passersby. They always have a welcoming smile.

Lois I. Weeks, N.D.

Tylertown, Mississippi, USA

Shining with Krsna's Light

Thank you for sending me your beautiful magazine. Between BTG and the books I receive from ISKCON Prison Ministry, even the darkness of a prison is able to shine with Krsna's light. If it wasn't for this I would be trapped in the endless cycle of violence and anger my life had seemed to run. Through the mercy I receive from Krsna through your magazine and ISKCON Prison Ministry Krsna has truly saved my life.

Bhakta Tainoel Araraya

Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

In-Touch Priests

Mihir Upadhyaya [Letters, July/August] complains that ISKCON priests are out of touch with reality, but he seems to be the one out of touch. A good number of temple priests do not "have nothing else to do in life but to live at the temple and pray to God." In the Houston ISKCON temple, for instance, all priests are financially independent working people. The temple supports no one. Yet these priests have families, raise children, and pay taxes, while following standard spiritual practices, doing puja,teaching sastra, distributing free prasadam, preaching, and building a new temple. In addition, they are counselors for many congregation members and colleagues in the work place. They are very much in touch with reality.

Perhaps as a student Mr. Upadhyaya has not yet encountered the harsh reality of material life: death, AIDS, diseases, teen pregnancies, domestic violence, mental disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce or parental separation, job insecurities or losses, single mothers working two jobs and raising kids. These are what temple priests face regularly, because the public comes to them with their problems. Lest he think that these problems are uncommon among the Hindus, let me say that our congregation is primarily Hindu.

If we let things be, instead of preaching and living the ideals the sastras recommend, the substandard will become the standard. Perhaps it's a sign of Kali-yuga that students, who are supposed to be idealistic, recommend substandards. Do they have to come face to face with real calamities, like the older generation, before they realize that they're indeed illusioned? If Mr. Upadhyaya still doubts that it is possible to live in the real world the way we recommend and live, we invite him to come live with us and give it a try.

Guru-bhakti Devi Dasi

(Hansa B. Medley, MD)

ISKCON Houston

Personal Articles Best

I just wanted to compliment your staff for one of the nicest BTGs I have read lately (Sept./Oct.). All the articles are very well written and easy to understand. I remember over the past years since I became a devotee many ups and downs of BTG. Although BTG has been the best spiritual magazine ever for all time, I have my own preferences. I like the personal articles about everyday Krsna conscious experiences. People can relate to the simple realizations and how a devotee overcame the difficulties of living in the world of matter by becoming Krsna conscious.

Pavamana Dasa

San Diego, California, USA

Useful for Newcomers

We received the latest BTG (Sept./Oct.) with great delight. We wanted to express our appreciation for the new direction of the magazine. It is full of philosophy and information useful for newcomers. The book distributors in our temple were so inspired with the spirit pervading the latest issue that we will now include BTG with the books we distribute daily.

Jaya Sacinandana Dasa

ISKCON Seattle

No Better Gift

I have been reading BTG magazine for over four years, and one of the many good things that I have noticed is that so consistently you have maintained the standard of this wonderful magazine. All my respects go to Srila Prabhupada for starting this magazine and to all those devotees who have been and will be involved in maintaining it.

When time comes to give someone a gift, I can't think of a better gift than a subscription of BTG.

Rahul Kunderan

Parsippany, New Jersey, USA


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