What changes will you make in your life to make your New Year more spiritual?
I am grateful to Krishna for giving me one more year to serve Him in the mission of Srila Prabhupada. I will try to distribute 365 books of Srila Prabhupada this year (one book every day for the whole year). I will preach more strongly to make the new year of other people more spiritual. I wish to change my attitude by associating more closely with devotees. I also wish to take up a new job that will give me more time to perform devotional service. – Premanjana Dasa
“Maintenance of the Vaishnava etiquette is the ornament of a devotee,” Lord Caitanya instructed Sanatana Goswami. I wish to develop genuine Vaishnava qualities and ornament myself with them. Specifically I wish to develop humble service attitude, compassion for others, and the desire to share the gift of Krishna consciousness. In this way, I wish to remove the critical weeds of egoism, selfishness and faultfinding. – Kalyani Ajrekar
This year I will become stricter in my spiritual practices. These are my resolutions for the year 2012:
1. Wake up at brahma-muhurta.
2. Increase my rounds and chant with better concentration.
3. Spend more time reading Srila Prabhupada’s books.
4. Read a few Shlokas from the Bhagavad-gita daily.
I pray more frequently to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha-Krishna to help me maintain these resolutions. – Shubhangi Singh
I will make the following changes in my life in this new year: 
I will: 
1. Study Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam daily
2. Chant most of my japa early in morning
3. Try to go to bed early
4. Try to absorb myself in any Krishna consciousness activity that I do.
5. Pray before going to bed and after waking up. 
I will not: 
1. Engage in prajalpa, unnecessary gossip
2. I will not become judgmental
3. I will not overeat. – Sumeet Gawde
I heard two powerful things, which I wish to assimilate and imbibe in my life starting from this year on: 
1. I have a very impulsive nature, and I often overreact at the slightest provocation. Whenever I am struck by a strong emotion-hate, sorrow, anger, disgust-I will try to pray to Krishna, “O Lord,     I wish I had the same intensity of love toward You as I have this negative feeling.”
2. When the Lord wants to show special mercy on someone, He puts such a person in great difficulty, because He considers such a devotee “His man,” knowing well that he will never go away from the devotional path. By his positive devotional attitude, the devotee can even turn the suffering into a song. I resolve to develop this attitude in trying circumstances of everyday life.
-Sundarisakhi Devi Dasi
I wish to implement the following changes this year: 
1. I will greet everyone by saying “Hare Krishna” whenever I meet my acquaintances, irrespective of their caste, social position, gender or age. 
2. While traveling on highways, walking on the streets or visiting shops, I will consciously bless all of them with an invocation through my heart, krsne matir astu: “Let your attention be on Krishna” or “May you become Krishna conscious.” By Krishna’s mercy, this dawn of equal vision towards all is giving me an intense spiritual pleasure. – Rasa Purusa Dasa
I have many times attempted to study based on a systematic timetable. But all my attempts failed, ending in frustration. This time I decided to pray to Lord Narsimhadeva before preparing the timetable. To my surprise, it worked-my timetable is helping me to improve my efficiency and make my life smooth.
I know this is all the power of prayers, the mercy of Lord Narsimhadeva. Therefore I wish to incorporate prayer as an integral part of my daily life so that the whole year remains spiritual. – Swarna Acharya