An IVM-ISKCON Vending Machine Designed By Amit

If you had unlimited money what one thing would you do to spread Krsna consciousness?
I WOULD MAKE A village preaching party. India lives in villages. Yet there is a craze among rural people to get urbanized. A group of at least two devotees would travel from village to village. By becoming instruments in the hands of guru and Krsna, by becoming empowered by them, they would travel with Krsna's holy names dancing on their tongues. In any part of world , any village , they would be able to transform some hearts to love Lord Krsna, and thus save them from the great danger of sinful city life. Yes there will be difficulties. But by Srila Prabhupada's mercy we have so many temples everywhere now that the village preaching party will be in constant association of Krsna, through His devotees and the gorgeous temples. 
This will save lot of our time, money and energy in preaching to the next generation of village kids who otherwise would have been spoilt by moving to the cities. 
(Ganga Narayana Dasa, Barhampur, Orissa) 
CURRENTLY, THERE IS NO dearth of ISKCON temples across the world; rather there is dearth of people visiting these temples and taking to Krsna consciousness. In such a degraded age of Kali, devotees of the Lord should focus on using unlimited funds at hand ro bring people close to Srila Prabhupada's books and temples. People in this age are so captivated and illusioned by Maya that it's difficult for devotees to reach them all or for them to reach our books and temples. However they can be connected to Krsna consciousness by setting up ISKCON Vending Machines (IVMs) across every town and village – stations, hospitals, malls, tran sport systems, airports, stadiums, theaters etc. These IVMs will be used to dispense Srila Prabhupada's books, Krsna , prasadam (our secret weapon), audios and other Krsna consciousness merchandise while playing background bhajans to 'Krsna- ize' the surrounding environment. Its exterior body will be used to propagate our philosophy and highlight our temples across the city/country. 
(Amit, Delhi) 
I WOULD CREATE A "Virtual Vrndavana" program for home computers. The complete 3D world would include all the mountains, lakes, forests, and temples present in the original Vrndavana. Devotees and spiritual seekers worldwide could create "Avatars" with which to explore "Virtual Vrndavana" and meet other devotees and seekers_ They would be able to chat with each other about Lord Krsna and spiritual themes, while the Hare Krsna maha-mantra and other devotional music played in the background_ Inside the virtual buildings you would be able to find and read an extensive library of Vedic knowledge, including the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. 
(Sven Ruegg , Zurich, Switzerland) 
I WOULD HAVE every single one of Prabhupada's books printed in Braille. I would make sure that all over the world, every center for the blind had a complete collection of these transcendental books. In addition, I would arrange for devotees to visit these centers regularly for kirtana, class, and prasadam. 
(Bhakti-lata Dasi, Alachua, Florida, USA) 
I WOULD START a school cafeteria catering company to supply schools with healthy vegetarian menus, including baked goods like cookies and breads. I would undercut all mundane competitors in price, so that millions of school children could receive the Lord's prasadam. The company would employ devoteeses pecially those from farm communities so that their crops would be supported-and supply them trucks to deliver the goods across the nation or region. I would build housing and ovens for the work, so that devotees could live near the temple and be able to support their families . Devotee graphic designers would also be employed to create marketing materials. It would be a stealth project , flooding the nation with Krsna's mercy and helping to open hearts and minds to hearing topics of faith. 
(Stella Herzig , Davenport, Iowa, USA)