Vedic Thoughts

When one's mind is attached to Krsna, one can fulfill the mission of life in one human birth. If one misses this opportunity, one does not know where he is going, how long he will remain in the cycle of birth and death, and when he will achieve the human form of... read more

A Brief Case for Detachment

THE SAGE CANAKYA wrote, "There is no misery like attachment. There is no happiness like detachment." I lost my briefcase recently, and although it was a relatively insignificant loss, I felt disappointed and thought about how painful it can be to lose things... read more

How to Chant and Be Prepared

SOME PEOPLE confuse repeating God's name with "vain repetition" of materialistic prayers. But God's names differ from other sounds and are spiritually potent and effective for spiritual realization. Chanting is non-sectarian. One can connect with the... read more