Problem Solving

How long can you wait when electricity goes away? How long can you tolerate being in a no-range zone? How quickly do you want to solve the problems in life?

One word less in most people’ vocabulary is patience. Fast food, fast pace, fast cars, fast gadgets – what naturally follows is the need for fast solutions.

Many problems don’t need to be solved; they just need to be tolerated. This type of problemsolving is called delayed management. Rather than attempting to find a solution, just delay trying to find a solution. With time many things change – the situation changes, your needs change, your mood changes. But most of all, your maturity level changes. Time is a good baker, but you have to be patient while the cake is baking.

Even gaps in playing of a drum enhance the musical melody. So sometimes not doing anything is itself a solution.

When you come across a problem about which you feel helpless, remember Lord Rama. After making allies with Sugriva and the vanara-sena, Rama didn’t immediately set out to search for Sita. He saw that the monsoon season was about to begin, so He decided to wait patiently for four months on Malyavanta Hill, waiting for the rainy season to get over.

An intelligent problem-solver is not one who solves every problem, but one who knows which problems to solve and which ones to tolerate.