Sri Krishna

I thought it would be very easy to find Krishna
Who is the one and only original Narayana
I was told Krishna's beauty is in every leaf and flower 
His sinews strengthen every structure and every tower
I searched and I searched, but all in vain
I asked people, but is He a figment of my brain?
Can Krishna be found by an ordinary person?
Will He reveal Himself to everyone and anyone?
Wise and learned men told me that Krishna dwells
In the hearts of all birds, animals, fish, even sea shells
All beings, be they fixed or moving
Have Krishna within them, gentle and caring
Krishna as Paramatma is the Supersoul within all living hearts
To dwell in all creatures, Krishna expanded into unlimited parts
He is the friend and permitter of every entity
A genuine well-wisher of all and sundry
He is the aroma of the earth, the warmth of fire
The beauty of nature, the pinnacle of trancendental desire
He is the beautiful colors of the rainbow
He is the cooling touch of the falling rain and snow
Krishna is the smile on the face of an innocent child
He is the force of a lion, untamed, savage and wild
Krishna is the delicate fragrance of a blooming rose
He is the touch of the breeze, gentle and intimately close
Krishna satisfies all our hopes and secret longings
He is the only bestower of all our belongings
Krishna loves to fulfill our legitimate goal
He never lets us down, in part or in whole
I found Krishna in the goodness in this world
I found Him in the beauty of nature we behold
I found Krishna in the hope in my heart
Even after death, Krishna and I shall never part!