Srila Prabhupada

My life was hollow with silly goals unending futile aspiration
And I raced down the materialistic road to hellish destination
My spiritual master bestowed on me a divine inspiration
He graced me with mercy, knowledge and discrimination.
And verily now, he is my life sustaining respiration.! (1)
Egoistically maddened and seeking to master all I surveyed,
With doubts, fears and worries, weighed down I stayed 
I lay tangled in a mire of karmic reaction, dismayed
But my Master’s causeless mercy boundless freedom relayed.
Oh, can this debt ever be repaid! (2)
Greedy and eager to indulge in unabated sense grantification,
All I got was meager, pain ridden fleeting satisfaction.
My Master taught me true passion a transcendental sensation
Elevating me from futile dreaming to genuine realizations. 
To Him, I offer a million prostrations! (3)
“Spiritual” life was a dry cerebral strife, an exercise in endless debate
Armchair bound, no feelings profound, an erudite but empty state!
Endowing me with eternal love, my Master made my craving for ephemeral pleasures abate
And my life in spate with transcendental emotion a sate.
Oh, my Master is my philosopher and guide, the eternal mate! (4)
My  conception of the Absolute was of a formless empty void,
Which my life mirrored, and as a person I remained paranoid 
Expertly he sowed in my bosom the Lord’s Supreme form and I buoyed,
Exchanging with God loving reciprocation, pure and unalloyed.
Oh, my Master’s mercy makes me overjoyed! (5)
My speculative philosophical wandering never did free my caged conscience .
I saw myself as physical and all  material advancement as ultimate science!
By showing the Lord as my Father who, For my love, In His blissful kingdom pines,
He wakened my spiritual soul and slackened Maya’s tenacious chains.
Oh, my Master’s glory is endless and eternally shines! (6)
Tossing helpless and clueless, buffeted on the waves of a turbulent mind,
I reacted to the dualities of love hate, pleasure pain and others or its kind.
My Master rescued me by his insistent call to transcend the three modes’ bind
And make my restless mind towards loving devotional service inclind.
Oh, tell me where such a Savior can one find! (7)
He freed my soul, uniting it again with my eternal Lord.
And taught me communion with the Transcendental Word,
As the nectar of the holy names in my willing ears he poured,
My liberated soul into the spiritual sky, in gratitude soared.
May the Master’s name ever enliven my every chord! (8)
May these eight verses always illumine The reader’s path on the quest divine ,
Leading them to the worthy disciplic line Where their souls can find shelter fine.