The Artists

Our special gratitude to Goursundar Das Adhikary and his wife Govinda Devi Dasi for their portrayals of Thakur Haridas, Krishna Loka, Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda (on the back cover), and the Appearance of Lord Sri Krishna, which is on the front cover. Also to... read more


THE SOUND OF HARE KRISHNA BLISS what was once only a word now becomes an experience. With HARE KRISHNA you transcend everything even your body. This is real freedom. BLISS wherever and whenever you want it. Try it and see. It's so easy even children do... read more


Krishna Consciousness is the awakening to joy on a plane of experience far beyond the mundane or the physical the sublime bliss of the pure spirit soul in a conscious ecstasy of love for the Perfect Object of Love, the Supreme Godhead, Sri Krishna. Kirtan means the... read more