Krishna Consciousness is the awakening to joy on a plane of experience far beyond the mundane or the physical the sublime bliss of the pure spirit soul in a conscious ecstasy of love for the Perfect Object of Love, the Supreme Godhead, Sri Krishna.

Kirtan means the praise of Krishna in song, dance, music and the taking of spiritual food. It is the mature status of the eternal living entity, the final pleasure of all pleasures which waits at the end of myriad quests through an ocean of births and deaths.

Kirtan is the sweet fruit of virtuous life, the drink from the nectar of true love, the joy ineffable.

Kirtan is practiced at all Radha Krishna Temples in San Francisco at 518 Frederick Street in Montreal at 3720 Park Avenue in New York at 26 Second Avenue and in Santa Fe at Box 25, Route 3, Seton Village. Why not come and bring whoever you love?