Debashish Kundu is frustrated because he cannot get a job. He has had an average academic career, and because his family could not afford to send him to college, he is desperate to find a job for himself. Apart from an ailing mother and a father who is fast approaching his retirement age in his government job, young Deb has to get his two younger sisters married. Often he is unhappy and frustrated with life. One day the situation became so difficult that he found himself at the railway station wishing to go anywhere just to get out of this material situation. After spending an agonizing two hours he decided to go back home and deal with reality. On the way home he saw people going to the various temples in his town, so he too went in and decided to pray for a solution. When Debashish saw people who were in a worse situation than him, he thanked God for all the good things he had received. In the sorrow within their lives, Deb saw that their situation was not much different from his. Gradually he grew out of his despair and decided to get on with life without trying to run away. Now he even spares some money and food for persons who are less fortunate than him. 
Ramanathan comes from a South Indian family. His family lineage was in the priestly class. Very good at studies and a good debater in his college’s Debating Society, he has won many prizes. He is a voracious reader and is particularly fond of reading about UFO’s, alien identities, Out of Body Experiences (OBE), and Near Death Experiences (NDE). In one yoga magazine, he read about a yogé who controlled his heartbeat in such a way that he almost brought it to a stop and then miraculously normalized it once again. All this knowledge has given Ramanathan the conviction that there is certainly more to life than what meets the eye. But what exactly is the mystery behind all such phenomena? Due to his family upbringing, Ramanathan has never derided the idea of a Supreme Being as the Master Intelligence behind the entire cosmos. But still he has many questions about this world which are as yet unanswered.
Mehul Gandhi is a young commerce graduate who is simultaneously preparing for his Chartered Accountancy certification. Mehul has always been a hardworking person, and although not so bright in his academics, he has always believed in the power of blessings. He knows that in order to attain good things in material life and, more importantly, to properly enjoy the bounties offered by material nature, you have to worship the Supreme Lord. Mehul is not exactly interested in going deeper into the Vedic scriptures, but the fact that the Vedas are full of examples of people who have achieved prosperity by leading a pious life, is enough for him. 
Vivek was reading about the sun in a popular science magazine, and he came to a simple conclusion: the creation implies a Creator as simple as that. If there is some great infinite intelligence which can create an object like the sun and keep it functional, then some effort must be made to find the source of such intelligence. Thus, being prodded by his own conviction, Vivek has decided to search out this Absolute Truth. He knows that just as every endeavor needs a guide, this supreme endeavor will essentially need a teacher or a guide. Since his search is sincere, he knows that one fortunate day he will certainly meet his guide.
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