Grand Temple Opening Celebration in Houston

Houston, Texas, USA: ISKCON

Houston, Texas, USA: ISKCON of Houston will celebrate the grand opening of its new temple from May 17-18, 2014. Covering 24,000 square feet with a central dome that stands 90-feet high, this new temple was envisioned by His Holiness Tamala Krishna Gosvämé Mahäräja, a dear disciple of Srila Prabhupada. About 15,000 people are expected to participate in this event.

Sinhalese Outreach Breakthrough in Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka: A public program was organized in a Sinhalese area in a town near Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Just a few years ago, civil war between Sinhalese (Buddhist) and Tamils was raging here, making it difficult to hold any public religious program. More than 2500 people participated in the program.

Gaur Nitai

ISKCON Moscow Rents New Space, Goes to Court

Moscow, Russia: In the latest in a series of exhausting trials, ISKCON devotees have been given until March 1st by the Moscow government to move out of their temple at Dinamo.

The devotee community has already found a new space to rent, and will stay there while they go to court to pursue justice.

Worldwide Rathayatra Festivals

Adelaide, Australia: ISKCON Adelaide Hare Krishna Temple celebrated its first Jagannätha Rathayatra (Jagannatha Chariot Festival) on Sunday 26th January as part of the Australia Day celebration which included a parade, concert & fireworks.
Ratha Yatra

St. Augustine, Florida, USA: The ninth annual Festival of Chariots was celebrated here on March 22, 2014.

International Vaisnavi Retreat Govardhana, UP:

Vaishnavi Retreat

The Vrindavan Institute of Higher Education organized the fourth annual International Vaiñëavi Retreat here on March 21- 26.

Vaikunta Ekadasi with a Difference


Janda Baik, Malaysia: The celebration happened at the Gokulam Hare Krishna Farm here, where devotees served the cows and drank fresh cow milk.

Contributed by Madhava Smullen, Adi Purusha Krishna Dasa, Prasanti Dasi, Simhesvara Dasa and Kodandarama Dasa.