ISKCON Delhi’s Vedic Museum to Add Two New Exhibits

ISKCON Delhi’s Vedic Museum

New Delhi: The Vedic Museum, popularly known as the “Vedic Expo,” at ISKCON New Delhi’s Glory of India Vedic Cultural Center is in the process of adding two new exhibits. These will be incorporated into its section on the Caitanya-caritamrta, the sixteenth-century biography of Gaudiya Vaisnava saint-incarnation, Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

The first will depict Namacarya Srila Haridasa Thakura, known for his dedication to chanting God’s holy names, sitting and performing japa meditation in Puri, Orissa, with the famous Jagannath Temple in the background.

The second will feature the five most recent in the Gaudiya Vaiñëava line of gurus – Jagannatha Dasa Babaji, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, GauraKisora Dasa Babaji, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, and ISKCON founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada. Each will be set in a different background – one sitting under a tree, another on some grass, and another on a raised asana.

Radhanath Swami meets President Obama

New Delhi: In honor of the visit by the U.S. President and First Lady, the President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, hosted an “At Home” reception at his residence Rashtrapati Bhavan wherein many guests attended, among them Radhanath Swami. The event took place on the evening of January 26th.

ISKCON Sunday School Children Win Awards at the Michigan Future City Competition

Detroit, Michigan, USA: ISKCON Detroit Sunday School children won second place at the Future City Competition held at the Suburban Showplace in Novi, Michigan, USA. These youth competed with 23 other groups.Their city called as Vaikuntaville won five other special awards as well. Launches Drive to Increase Street Chanting Launches Drive to Increase Street Chanting

Dallas, Texas, USA: At the North American GBC and Temple Presidents’ Meetings from January 20–25, book distribution strategist VaiSesika Dasa launched a new program along with an accompanying enewsletter and website,, to assist and inspire communities to increase their public kirtan programs.

VaiSesika is inviting ISKCON community leaders and members all over North America to join the Kirtan Party Google group through and begin reporting every two weeks on how many times they’ve sent kirtan parties out to chant publicly. The results will then get published on kirtan

ISIS Hostage and ISKCON devotee Kayla Mueller Is Killed

ISIS Hostage and ISKCON devotee Kayla Mueller Is Killed

American aid worker Kayla Mueller, 26, from Prescott, Arizona, who had been held hostage by Islamic State militants for 18 months, has been killed on February 6 in Syria. She was also an active volunteer in Hare Krishna movement projects, with a deep interest in the practice of bhakti-yoga. She had been working primarily with women and children in the region, delivering humanitarian aid to those displaced by the Syrian conflict.