With Every Rising and Setting of The Sun

The most valuebable thing we have is every precious moment that Got has given us. Time is priceless if you lose money, or estate, or reputation, then by hard work you can gain them back. But one moment that is wasted, you cannot buy it back for all the wealth in the entire creation. Time and tide wait for no man. As little kids in the school, it seemed like centuries even when we were just waiting for the weekends. But, as we grow old, days pass like minutes. Soon we are at the threshold of departing from this particular body. We look back and think, “Where has my life gone? It seems like it has only been a moment!”

Therefore, we must understand the value of every precious moment. How we invest each moment of our life is the most important consideration of our human intellingence. Utilize every moment to the greatest benefit or ourselves as well as or others. Srimad-Bhagavatam explains that with every rising and every setting of the sun we are one day closer to death. But those who utilize their precious time to understand the true purpose of life and hear and chant the glories of the Supreme Lord, with every rising and setting of the sun they are one day closer to eternal life.