Lord Krishna

When my mind becomes wild
Like a stubborn, restless, crazy child
When in fear I run helter-skelter
Lord! Please give me Your loving shelter !
When I feel holier-than-thou
And think that I have all the know-how
Let the trees and grass, so tolerant and humble
Remind me to respect all and the ego crumble!
When I hanker for cheap name and fame
And indulge in the material game
Let Your glory remain my focus
So that I will be like a leaf of the lotus!
When I’m on a weird ego trip
And illusion tightens its strong grip
Your mercy is my only hope
Like the drowning man’s savior rope!
Though temptations keep hitting me strong
I forever long to sing Your loving song
When oh when will that day be mine
When in your gratitude my soul will shine?