ISKCON's Committee to Free Soviet Hare Krishnas has established a membership program that helps publicize the plight of the twenty-three imprisoned devotees. From the privacy of your own home here in the free world, you can help levy international pressure against the injustices endured by Soviet Hare Krsna followers. Please join the Committee to Free Soviet Hare Krishnas.

Plan A

Send $21. You'll receive the famous Hare Krishna in the USSR cassette tape, a 2 ½-inch "Free the Soviet Hare Krishnas" button, and two photos of the Soviet devotees. You will also receive protest postcards with pictures of the imprisoned devotees to mail to Soviet authorities.


Plan B

Send $51. In addition to receiving the above items, you will sponsor one of the imprisoned devotees. You'll receive regular and updated information about the devotee and his or her case. You'll have the chance to correspond with the devotee's friends and relatives in the USSR, and possibly directly with the imprisoned devotee.

Send your membership contribution, along with your name and address, to:

The Committee to Free Soviet Hare Krishnas, Almviks Gard, 15300 Jarna, Sweden.


I, the undersigned, present the following statement to Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and to Mr. Eduard Shevarnadze, the foreign minister:

I deeply deplore the inhuman treatment and conditions that members of the Hare Krsna movement in the USSR are being subjected to. They are being denied the basic human rights to which they are entitled under the provisions of the Soviet Constitution, as well as all the international agreements and treaties that the Soviet Union has endorsed.

I request the Soviet government to allow the members of the Hare Krsna movement to register their religion as an official state religion. I also implore the authorities to arrange the immediate release of the following Hare Krsna devotees, who are imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and labor camps, or have been sentenced to compulsory labor, and following their release, to permit their emigration from the Soviet Union along with their immediate family:

Agvan K. Arutyunan, Gagik S. Buniatyan, Nugzar A. Chargaziya, Jakov E. Dzhidzhevadze, Yuri A. Fedchenko, Rafael Janashviili, Suren G. Karapetyan, Olga Khamidovna Kiseleva, Vladimir G. Kritsld, Vladimir A. Kustrya, Alexander V. Levin, Yevgeny N. Lyubinsky, Oleg Mkrtchyan, Alexei A. Musatov, Otari S. Nachhebiya, Sarkis R. Ogadzhanyan, Anatoli F. Pinyayev, Sergei A. Priborov, Karen V. Saakyan, Armen V. Saakyan, Anatoli I. Samoilov, Ashot'S. Shaglomdzyan, Oleg A. Stepanyan.

Mail petition to: The Committee to Free Soviet Hare Krishnas, Almviks Gard, 15300 Jarna, Sweden.