All glories to you
Who have given us light
To open our eyes,
Which were firmly shut tight.

When we first came to you 
In the darkness of night 
The words from your lips 
Made everything bright.

"What is your goal-
Godhead to find 
Or God to become? 
Please make up your mind.

"If you want to become God, 
You can't be God now. 
Can a non-God become God? 
Please let me know how.

"God is within you, 
Sitting there in your heart, 
Just waiting for your 
Loving service to start.

"But if you insist 
That you want to be Him, 
You're cheating yourself 
And have nothing to win.

"If the seed of devotion
With chanting you sow, 
Then God will give sunlight 
To help make it grow.

"But if to become God 
Remains your ambition, 
Why then should God 
Help His own competition?

"Krsna is God,
And God He is always,
On Yasoda's lap
Or in Dvaraka's hallways.

"Or in Kuruksetra, 
He's God all the same-
It's not that by yoga 
The Lord He became.

"You are a spark, 
And God is the fire:
And you can be Godly 
If you truly desire.

"Your qualities match His,
But the quantity's different, 
For God's nature is infinite 
Whereas you're insignificant.

"I cannot be God, 
For I truly am small, 
But He kindly allows me 
To serve Him. That's all.

"That is His mercy, 
Transcendent and sweet. 
Take it! Be happy! 
That's all I entreat."

Thus Your Divine Grace
We were blessed to meet, 
And thus we were forced 
To fall at your feet.

You poured nectarlike words 
Through the holes in our ears 
To clean out our hearts 
And vanquish our fears.

Arousing within us 
Our love for the Lord, 
Our actual life 
His servant restored.

Now we beg to remain 
Individual souls, 
Serving the servant 
Of the one Spirit Whole.

All glories to you 
Who have given us this;
A life that's eternal, 
Full of knowledge and bliss.

Taking us from the darkness, 
Cold and alone, 
Back to Godhead, 
Back to home.

Giriraja dasa, the son of a Massachusetts lawyer, is a graduate of Brandeis University and is President of ISKCON's center in Bombay.