Lila is the highest revelation of the Absolute Truth. Because beyond even liberation is the intimate, ecstatic relationships of love between the Lord and His devotes. And this love is completely transcendental to material conceptions. How is God crying for a mother’s milk? How when there is lightning He is running to mother Yasoda crying, “Please protect Me.” 
Our great acharyas explain how it’s only by the mercy of Lord one can actually understand these spiritual subjects .  Till some extentrationally, intellectually, philosophically we can try to comprehend it. But really it is only by grace that we can really connect to this truth. Because one gets the grace of someone like Srila Prabhupada, it's so easy to understand it. Others think it’s mythology because its not possible by our material calculation. Or others may think that it’s not mythology, but the all – pervading  impersonal absolute temporarily takes these little roles where He is within material conditioning and is crying for mother’s milk. Ultimately He is Brahman. But we learn from acharyas that Krishna is eternally like this with mother Yasoda, and He is the source of Brahman. This is very beautiful.