Vaishnava Etiquette

Etiquette with in Relationships

1. The Vaishnava society is very meticulously structured, where the juniors always respect seniors and juniors always receive affection and blessings from the seniors.
2. The Vaishnava society is structured according to varnasrama, brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra; and sannyasi, vanaprastha, grhastha and brahmacari.
3. There are considerations of seniority according to initiation among Godbrothers. Devotees who have received initiation earlier are considered senior.
4. The Guru's Godbrothers should be respected as the guru.
5. Sannyasis should always be respected as the guru.
6. In a Vaishnava society everyone tries to become humble. The more advanced one is the more humble he becomes.

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