Vrindavan Mood

As I stepped into Vrindavan
All I could hear was Radhe Radhe
The Sweet sound of the holy name
Penetrated the air, Permeated the forests
Sending soft pulsation of bliss in the stony heart of a lot soul like me.
Radharani's footsteps shone in every nook and corner
Bringing forth the pastimes She had with Her beloved Krishna
Her devotion lay etched everywhere
Sending droplets of mercy in the heart of a lost soul like me.
The soft sounds of Her ankle bells sprung up every now and then
Resonating perfectly with the sounds of Krishna's ankle bells
The timeless sands of Vrindavan spoke the everlasting saga of their loving tales
Sending waves of bliss in the impure heart of a lost soul like me.
Stealing butter was His favourite pastime
His ankle bells gave Him away many times
The love of the gopis stared back at me from every door
Rekindling the barren heart of a soul.
Govardhan still stands with all its glory
Shielding the sacred Syamakunda and Radhakunda from all kinds of fury
Varsana and Kalindi lead a listless life
Torn with the tears of separation glistening in their eyes
Dumbfounded I stood witnessing their misery
Making the parched heart of a lost soul like me crumble in agony.
As the wind blew through the gateways of the trees
With fluttering butterflies and singing birds adding to the glee
The pastimes of the divine couple rushed through the backdrop of my memory
Bringing in joy in the arid heart of a lost soul like me.
Such is the beauty and purifying aura of vrindavan
All unfolded by the mercy of visvambhara
Watered by the Goswamis of Vrindavan
Nurtured by the acaryas with a tender heart
To act as a beacon of light for a lost soul like me.
O Radharani ! Please give this lost soul a place at your lotus feet.