Delicious, traditional Vedic cuisine was part of the legacy Krsna consciousness brought to Western shores. Eating, like everything else for Krsna devotees, is a part of the complete spiritual experience of life, and not a day goes by at Krsna temples without dozens of carefully prepared dishes being served to devotees and guests alike.

Sunday sees the doors swing wide open and hundreds of friends regulars as well as newcomers sharing hearty plates of savories, vegetable extravaganzas, sweets, and nectar drinks from the world's oldest culinary tradition.

How can so many different tastes be created without using any meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onions, canned foods, or liquor? The unexpectedly simple answer lies in the artful selection of spices, age-old cooking techniques, and the essential ingredient devotion to Lord Krsna. The devotees would like nothing better than to let you in on the secrets. Come by, Sunday or any day, and experience the taste of another world.