This is an invitation to all Men and Women of Good Will to Benefit the Human Race and all other Inhabitants of planet Earth by distributing the Peace and eternal Bliss of KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS.

Wherever you live, you can do this work. This is called the Devotional Service of the Lord, and it is simply a matter of finding others who may be receptive to the philosophy and practice of Love of Godhead. Inquire at your neighborhood Shops to see if the storekeepers will retail Back To Godhead Magazine, or our record album, "KRISNA CONSCIOUSNESS." Speak with your Friends and Relatives about Krishna consciousness. Perhaps you can hold Kirtan with them at regular Meetings.

Kirtan means Chanting the Lord's Praises such as the Maha-(Hare Krishna) Mantra and reading from authorized Scriptural literature, such as Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Holy Bible, Koran, Chaitanya Charitamrita, and others of the same stature. This will Purify consciousness, and the active participation will immensely benefit All concerned.

The most valuable Asset for Spiritual Life is the ability to Serve the Lord actively. Take this opportunity. See for yourself whether the effect is simply Abstract Theoretics, or the practical experience of Sublime Love. And you may have the added Satisfaction of Knowing that Humankind cannot fail to be Elevated by your Labors, be those Labors great or small.

We were doing it together
and there was no imperfection
the Prayer in our hearts,
and Krishna: there was only
One Sea of Ecstasy

We were bowing down
and there was no effort.
Before us the Prasadam offering
was alive, the plate and food ecstatic.
The altar was fashioned of Ecstasy.

The flowers, candle, the very flame,
all were made of ecstasy. Everything
a maddening sweet Scent, breathing,
bursting our pores in universes of pleasure,
drowning, a blissful rush of fragrant waves.

We were borne on Ecstasy, Thoughts of
Krishna swelling over and over, washing us away…

Then, how did we get there? In that bed,
moving, awakening only for a brief
remembering murmur (falling asleep
I promised not to forget):

Later you said you had a dream
about giving Christmas presents
or something? (Yes, it is December).
But was I not there also? Oh Krishna…

Now it is noon and you say there
was no dream at all, that you
were agreeing only to please me!
"Surely, you have only forgotten…"

Rupanuga says, "Oh Maya, Maya,
Maya, such a Thief you are!
Stealing memories and leaving
dreams that disappear."

Rupanuga Das Adhikary
(Robert F. Corens)