amhah samharad akhilam sakrd
udayad eva sakala-lokasya
taranir iva timira-jaladhim
jayati jagan-mangalam harer nama

"As the rising sun immediately dissipates all the world's darkness, which is deep like an ocean, so the holy name of the Lord, if chanted once without offenses, can dissipate all the reactions of a living being's sinful life. All glories to that holy name of the Lord, which is auspicious for the entire world." Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya-lila 3.181

When the moon is invisible, withered to nil,
And the sun is long gone from the sky,
Then an ocean of darkness envelops the world,
And the timorous fear they might die.

But that pall of thick gloom is at once swept away
When the first signs of sunrise appear,
And the dawning of day gives assurance to all
That in truth there is nothing to fear.

In a similar way, when illusion holds sway
And a soul has forgotten his Lord,
Then the darkness of ignorance covers his heart
Sin and suffering are his reward.

But as soon as he chants Krsna's Name, even once,
In a manner that doesn't offend,
Then his ignorance flees like the darkness at dawn
And his sin and his suffering end.

So there's nothing to fear, for the Sun of the Name
Has appeared with His powers divine.
In your heart may that Sun, benedictive for all,
Become fixed and eternally shine!