Art students begin to learn the foundation in drawing by learning about line followed by tone. Line has many functions in art like drawing a form, creating symbol, designs, etc. In nature we see three kinds of line: the straight line, the circle and the s-curve.

Most of things we see lie within these three: zigzags are a series of straight lines, spirals are based on circles, and rivers flow in an s-curve. Each kind of line has a different function. A straight line symbolizes stability and strength; circle represents isolation, inclusion, intimacy; and the s-curve represents journey, hierarchy and grace.

Out of the three lines, the s-curve is considered to be the most graceful line. And coincidentally Krishna’s pose is an s-curve, which makes it so graceful and beautiful.

When artists learn to draw figures he draws a gesture first. Gesture is the general pose the person is taking, and upon that one draws the body. Similarly one way to remember Krishna’s three-fold bending form (tribhanga) is to think of the s-curve and imagine His body taking that pose.