The Qualms of Arjuna

Five thousand years ago, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra
Krishna the All merciful Karuna sindhy, became the charioteer of Partha
Krishna, the friend, philosopher and guide of Arjuna, his persona grata
The Lord is therefore Partha sarathi,the charioteer of Partha

Arjuna wished to see who had come to the battlefield and desired to fight
Who were his friends or relatives who wished to test their might?
Who were the warriors and soldiers who desired to be his enemies?
Arjuna requested Krishna to draw up his chariots between the two armies

Arjuna saw different grades of friends, relatives, associates, juniors
Sons, nephews, uncles, grandfathers, teachers and respectable seniors
Seeing them all on the battlefield, Arjuna was filled with compassion
How could he him his arrows at them and kill so many kith and kin?

“O Govinda, even if I emerge victorious, how can I possibly be happy if I survive?
What good are kingdoms, riches and comforts, if others are dead and I am alive?
I am not prepared to kill,though I may live and enjoy material luxury
I would rather be killed, then be overtaken by vengeance and fury

Let those who are evil try to kill us for material benefit
They may be ignorant, avaricious, and morally bereft
But why should we, with knowledge of the sin
Do likewise and engage in this heinous action?

Alas, how strange it is that we are preparing to commit greatly sinful acts
Driven by the desire to enjoy royal happiness and creature comforts
I consider it better to let sons Dhrtarashtra kill me, unresisting
Then to raise my weapons and kill those before me, with ire and sting

My hair is standing on end, my body is trembling
My bow is slipping from my hands, my skin is burning
My helmet is slipping from my head, O Madhava!
I shall not fight, O Govinda!”

–   Gautam saha