Positive Object of Love

For atheists, God is just a ‘feelgood’ concept. This notion is refuted by the scientific evidence of design throughout the universe and  the concomitant necessity of the designer God. But even many believers retain traces of the feel good concept. To them, God Himself is not important;  what is important is that God makes them feel good  while they pursue their worldly goals. Positive thinking with such a utilitarian concept  of God will not save us from death. Only when our love is positively directed, that is, directed to God, can we attain the positivity of eternal life.
Different scriptures throughout the world address God variously as Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Rama and so on. These names refer to God’s different qualities like being allstrong, all powerful, all enlightened, all joyful and so on. God has these and many other extraordinary attributes, all of which together make Him universally attractive. The name Krsna, meaning ‘the all attractive one’ describes this all attractiveness of the Lord and so is the most all encompassing name of God. The name Krsna describes the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in full. When a person is beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, strong, famous or renounced, that person attracts our love. Being Supreme by definition, Krsna possesses all these cherished attributes in full, eternally. He is supremely beautiful, wealthy,  intelligent, strong, famous, and renounced. Over and above these six attractive qualities, Krsna also has an especially endearing seventh opulence: the most loving nature. In the spiritual world, He personally and individually reciprocates  with the love of each one of us. Krsna is thus the perfect objectfor our love. Our longing for love, when reposed in Krsna, finds complete fulfilment. The saying ‘God is love’ means God, Krsna is the most loving and lovable person. 
How does knowledge of God’s loving nature help in positive thinking. 

Dhenukasur Vadh

Love for God is the ultimate positive truth for it conquers the greatest negative truth in this world death. For the lover of God death is not a fearful termination of existence, but a joyful reunion  with God in his everlasting abode.
The existence of an eternal releam known as the spritiual world or the kingdom of God, is concurrent teaching in the great spiritual traditions of the world. The Bible (Mathew 6.33) exhorts us to make it the supreme goal of our lives:  “Seek ye first the kindom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” The Vedic texts give further revelations of the  spiritual world as the arena of endless, divine love, where we serve the Lord as His admirer, servant, friend, parent, or lover. That  spritual world is our original home and ultimate positive destination of life.
In the spiritual world every one of us is endowed with free will to  enable us to choose to love Krsna and thus experience the ecstacy of endless love. By causeless misuse of  our free will, when we refuse to serve Krsna, we are sent from spritual realm to the material world. Here we try to find a substitue object of love, but the temporary nature of all material objects and relationships  frustrate us inevitably and repeatedly. Krsna being the most magnanimous lover does not neglect us, even though we neglect Him. Throughout all our journeys  in various species of life in the material world, He accompanies us as Supersoul (Paramatma) in our own hearts and strives to guide us to redirect  our love back to Him andreturn back to Him; for that alone can bring about our ultimate wellbeing.
So positive thinking will be ultimately futile in the face of death unless we choose the positive object of love; only when we redirect our love towards Krsna will we achieve everlasting happiness. 
To summarize let us clearly understand the difference between  pseudo positive thinking and real positive thinking: a pseudo positive thinker loves the things of this world and uses God to attain those things, where as a real positive thinker loves God and uses the  things of this world to attain Godand His eternal abode.
Caitanya Carana Dasa holds a degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering and serves fulltime  at ISKCON Pune. To subscribeto his free cyber magazine, visit thespiritualscientist.com