The Peace Formula

Once a king arranged a competition to find out who could create the best painting symbolizing peace. Many artists participated. One man made a painting of a peaceful scene showing nice trees, rivers, and birds. Another painting showed a massive storm, where trees were shaking, things were being destroyed and everything was in flux. On one tree of this painting sat a little bird that was peacefully singing. The king concluded, "This symbolizes peace." 

This world is a place of turmoil and violence. There can never be peace permanently, and our history proves this. Politics, wars, terrorism, natural calamities – problems and disturbances are always present. 

We must urgently understand the peace formula from scriptures: that there is one Supreme Lord, who is the proprietor and enjoyer of everything that exists, and who is our supremely loving well-wisher. By following these principles, we will find peace within and can spread real peace without. 

If we build a house on shifting sands, it will collapse in the first storm. But if we build our house on a foundation of stone, it will stand through all storms. This is a world where there are storms inevitably, whoever we are. If our foundation rests on truth and hope in the love of God, then despite any storm or situation that may come upon us, we will be at peace.