is playing her vina
inspiring the
speech makers and musicians
But only God-praise is
Somehow they get at
her, though, the others
from her generosity flows
measured lyrics, sounds, forms
of swan and river and
lotus and dye.

But for me the pure One,
Krishna, is all
I want to know,
and my divine teacher
is he who shows
me Krishna-direction.
First teacher is my Spiritual Master
Swami Bhaktivedanta father of light,
and then my God-brothers and sisters,
by their slightest actions in His favor

'All we want to do
is please Him.
Anything else is
less than that.'
Also bugs are teachers
running up the sides of
bowls accompanied
by God.
And sunlight is a teacher.
Everything shows me
I am God's,
all atoms are His.

Every painting reflects a piece of His Nature,
Every voice is raised by Him,
He knows the minor spirits and demons,
He observes the wasted lives.
He is all and you Mr. Artist, what is your proficiency?
Grab a broom and sweep
the temple floor.
Learn know God is in clear
water and fragrant air
and beyond all the suns
and moons.

Begin serving the Lord
and you can know what it is all about
He is within you
He is everywhere
He is the Supreme
Person and He dwells in the Spiritual Sky
Everything you need is in the
Bhagavad Gita and
can be learned at the feet of a Spiritual
Master who is a pure servant of God
like Swami Bhaktivedanta.

Very soon you'll
learn the topmost eloquence
it's Hare Krishna
Good wherever you go.
If you learn it
you'll see the Promise
God made to man, Learn it now
for wherever you go.
Chant it always,
the one real art of the worlds:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Satsvarupa das Brahmachary (Stephen Guarino)