The Missing Photograph

What do you see in this photograph? Do you not see a happy family – mother and three lovely children? Does it ever occur to you that there is something missing here? Well, to many so called educated people, this is exactly how they see the world around them. They see Mother Nature and are in aweabout her capacity to produce everything in such variety. People also see humans, animals, reptiles, plants, birds and an almost endless array of creatures. These are the children of Mother Nature. The Vedas explain how that this mother provides bodies for her children in four forms: eggs, seeds, perspiration and embryos. Birds are born from eggs, trees and plants are born from seeds, some species like bugs are born from perspiration, and humans are born from embryos. In this way eighty four lakh varieties of material bodies are available for the living entity for being born into. 
How does one get a material body? It's simple. Material thoughts generate material bodies. And confined in a material body, it is just assumed that one will be forced to think in material terms and thus the process goes on andon. There is just no escape.There is still one face missing in our photograph the father. How can a mother give birth to a child without the seed provided by the father ? But some scientists argue that the father is not seen, so he must be dead. Or may be nature is producing on her own. 
Even in the most modern industrial plants using state-of-the-art equipment, we don't see machines producing something without being given a command. Similarly it is logical to assume that material nature,being a machine, can start production only when ordered by her operator. The reason that the operator is not visible is apoor excuse for banishing him away from our thoughts. 
Finding the "father" is actually the goal of the whole Vedic system. The Vedas, especially the Bhagavad-gita, clearly spell out who the father is and why he seems to be missing. Lord Krishna states in the Gita (14.4), "It should be understood that all species of life, 0 son of Kunti,are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed giving father." It is interesting to note that Krishna claims toprovide the seed for the birth of all species, just as in the material world a child is born when the father gives the seed and mother develops the body. This is how all of us in the human society have got our bodies and therefore we have got very natural affinity with the mother. A child may forget his father but cannot forget his mother because the mother's relationship is very intimate. Similarly because of accepting a material body from the material energy we are so much materialistic in our life. We are constantly thinking of our country, family, and friends and so on. But the Veda steach us that we are not our bodies but spirit souls,so we can see that we are sons of the Supreme Lord. Only on this spiritual platform can we have Universal Brotherhood.