"Every second of human life is meant for making an ultimate solution of the problems of life, i. e., repetition of birth and death and revolving in the cycle of 84 lakhs of different species of life." Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta

We have only minute
independence but it
overwhelms us. The
energy of our body we
run like a crazy machine
to hear it roar only
the fingertips the ears
the monkey we are what
nonsense without spirit soul!

Like a dog we run
2 miles one way and
return 2 miles the other way,
stopping at hotels and
motels, slamming and opening
the car door and eating
any junk put on the counter and talking
about the newspapers and the radio what
rubbish without cultivation of the soul!

We are driving the
machine but we're so obsessed
we think "I am the machine"
and we waste
our power and only a few times a day
we have to think "What is God?"
but we dismiss it, "Who cares?"
throw Him away! We are God!" and
the highest pleasure is to
park our machine in some
garage with another machine
and run our engines
together and we
call that Love.

The aim of life is spirit
even the hogland fools should know it
this is the highest pleasure:
the soul as the only Sense.
Drive those cars into towns
in the morning and at night
and use the hotels for kirtan parties to stay overnight
and chant Hare Krishna and give out great
prasadam feasts of sweet rice, halavah and pouris
offered to Lord Sri Krishna's Senses
and use the main ballroom and the hall and the theater
and the public park and the downtown road
for mass dancing to the sound of voice and cymbals
and drums of kirtan and let the neons light up:
and speed the cars and planes
to cities like Dwarka built just to please Him
and turn the Love for cats and dogs and machines
into Krishna Who reciprocates His devotees
as Friend and Master and Lover He
will hear this rejoicing of
victory over matter
and will release us from this
nasty world, which even if transformed,
will have to perish
when only Krishna will be standing
in a nicely curved position,
dark blue like a rain cloud,
and playing His flute.

Satsvarupa das Brahmachary (Stephen Guarino)