The Half hen logic

God sometimes displays Himself as God and sometimes as a human being, but the rascal impersonalists dismiss His pastimes as legend or mythology.
Either they do not believe in the sastras or they interpret them in their own way, using ardha-kukkuti-nyaya [Cc. Adi-lila 5.176], "the logic of half a hen."
Once a man kept a hen that delivered a golden egg every day. The foolish man thought, "It is very profitable, but it is expensive to feed this hen.
Better that I cut off her head and save the expense of feeding her.
Then I will get the egg without any charge." The impersonalists accept the çästras in this way. They think, "Oh, this is not good; it is inconvenient.
We shall cut this portion out." When Krishna  says, "One should see Me everywhere," the rascal Mayavadis think it is very palatable, but when He says, "Give up everything and surrender to Me," they disagree.
They accept what is convenient and reject what is not. But the acaryas do not distort the sastras in this way. When Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita, Arjuna said, "I accept whatever You have said."