The Creeper of Devotion

With good fortune, one receives causeless grace,
When unknowingly a service to Vaisnava takes place,
By such cumulated good deeds one qualifies to receive bhakti-lata seed,
It’s knowledge of devotional service implanted in the heart indeed.
One should water that seed with transcendental sound,
And safeguard it with fences of association all around.
The creeper of bhakti is slow to grow,
Being choked by weeds of material desires – one’s eternal foe.
With discrimination, faith, service, detachment and association cut down these weeds,
Cheating, mundane adoration, profiteering and pride shouldn’t be allowed to breed.
As the creeper of devotion grows beyond the limits of material coverings,
It reaches the realm of Goloka Vrndavana – the world of joys, without sufferings.
At the desire tree of Krishna's lotus feet it finds its ultimate shelter,
Expanding profusely it produces fruits of love of Godhead, full of nectar.
One should taste these ripened fruits and distribute the bhakti-lata seeds,
To help humans overcome maya’s deeds.