Srila Prabhupada

A bona fide devotee of Lord Krsna is always pained to see the fallen condition of the whole world. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura used to say, "There is no scarcity of anything within this world. The only scarcity is of Krsna consciousness." That is the vision of all pure devotees. Because of this lack of Krsna consciousness in human society, people are suffering terribly, being merged in an ocean of nescience and sense gratification. A devotee onlooker is very much aggrieved to see such a situation in the world.
(Caitanya caritamyta. Adi 13.67)

Srila Prabhupada

I can understand your concern about the deterioration of the civilization. Yes, the city will be more dangerous place as Kali yuga advances. It will be very deteriorating. The modern civilization is so corrupt and as sinful activities are more and more committed, the people will be forced to face more troubles, by nature's order. Our business, however, is simply to take shelter of the Hare Krsna maha mantra and pray to the holy name to give us protection. We shall be unaffected by all that will happen. Krsna will provide us with working facilities. Be assured of this, that the devotees will be protected by the holy name. Others will have to suffer in the days that are coming.
(Letter to: Kurusrestha, 23 July, 1973)


• When the Deities will be radiant, it means that the service is going on nicely .
• But one thing is, you were spending $900 monthly for Deity expenses, and still you are spending $900, so if total income is increasing more than double, why not increase also expense for the Deity? We may spend anything and everything for the Deity, as long as there is no scarcity, and by that lavish spending to glorify Radha and Krsna, They will become very much pleased
upon you and bless you more and more.
(Letter to: Balimardana, 31 December 1972)


It is most important that our activities be regular or, in other words, on a schedule. Everyone should chant his beads sixteen rounds daily without fail and follow the regulative principles strictly. These basic Krsna conscious duties are essential ro be performed regularly, and they will give you the necessary strength of spirit to keep always fixed up in devotional service. As soon as a devotee is regularly engaged in this way, always engaged in Krsna consciousness, Krsna will reveal the whole spiritual science from within the heart of such sincere devotee.

(Letter to: Sucandra, 19 February 1970)

Lord Buddha

Buddhist philosophy is incomplete, but that does not mean Lord Buddha did not know the complete truth. A teacher may have received his Master's degree, yet he still teaches the ABC's to his students. It is not that his knowledge is limited to the ABC's. Similarly, any especially empowered incarnation (saktyavesa avatara) will preach God consciousness according to time, place, and circumstances. The teacher holds his Master's degree, but the students may not be qualified to receive the high instructions that the teacher is competent to teach
(A Second Chance, chapter 11)