SRILA Srivasa Pandita is a member of the Panca-tattva ("five truths") Lord Caitanya and His four principal associates. Even before the advent of Lord Caitanya, Srivasa Pandita and his three brothers would sing Krsna's names, worship the Deity of Krsna, and perform other kinds of devotional service. With Advaita Acarya, they prayed for Krsna Himself to descend to deliver the fallen souls of the present age.

Lord Caitanya's house was very near Srivasa Pandita's, where the Lord began His sankirtana movement the congregational chanting of Krsna's names. Every night the Lord and his closest associates would chant there and taste love of God.

Srivasa Pandita never made any effort to support himself or his dependents, but because of his full dedication to Lord Caitanya and His mission, the Lord by His inconceivable power provided for all of Srivasa's needs, and he lived in a palatial home.

All of Lord Caitanya's associates are His eternal servants who descend with Him from the spiritual world. Authorities in the line of Lord Caitanya have revealed that Srila Srivasa Pandita is an incarnation of the sage Narada.