Srila Madhavendra Puri was the spiritual master of Advaita Acarya and Isvara Puri, Lord Caitanya's spiritual master. Madhavendra Puri took initiation from Sri Laksmipati Tirtha, in the Madhva Sampradaya, the disciplic line from the great spiritual teacher Madhvacarya.

Madhavendra Puri toured India on pilgrimage for many years. He then resided mostly in Vrndavana, where he discovered the Krsna Deity named Gopala, now worshiped in Nathadwar, Rajasthan, as Srinathaji.

Once, while traveling through Orissa to get sandalwood for Gopala, Madhavendra Puri visited the temple of the Krsna Deity Gopinatha in Remuna. Having heard that Gopinatha was daily offered delicious condensed milk, Madhavendra wanted to taste the preparation so that he could learn how to prepare it for Gopala. Ashamed at having thought of tasting the condensed milk while it was being offered to the Lord, Madhavendra Puri left the temple and went to a nearby marketplace to chant Hare Krsna.

Rather than being offended, however, Lord Gopinatha was pleased by Madhavendra Puri's devotion to Gopala. When the priest came to remove the offering from the Deity chamber, Gopinatha hid a cup of condensed milk behind His cape. He then ordered the priest in a dream to deliver the condensed milk to Madhavendra Puri.

When Madhavendra Puri received the condensed milk, he drank it with great spiritual emotion. He kept the pot, and he would eat a small piece of it every day.