Sri Krishna

My dear Lord Krsna, 
I appreciate the prayers of all
Your sincere devotees,
who address you as "most high,
all-powerful good Lord,"
and who address You by many titles
such as God, Creator,
Jehovah, Allah,
Brahma, Visnu and so on,
and who approach You through many mediums,
such as the son of God, the prophet, or the guru.

Out of the multi-addresses and many appearances
and manifestations of Yourself,
I have become most fortunate to see You
and worship You, and call upon You
as Lord Krsna.

I pray to You as Krsna
because the name Krsna means "all-attractive,"
and because in Your form of Krsna,
You offer the most intimate exchanges of love
with Your best devotees.
Besides, my spiritual master has taught me
according to the Vedic scriptures,
krsnas tu bhagavan svayam.
Chanting Your names
is the only remedy for those
who are rotting here in birth and death.

Dear Supreme Lord Krsna,
I pray for connection and Your grace
so that I may actually praise You
for Your pleasure
and the pleasure of my Guru Maharaja.