His message of 'be true to your duty.'

"I want you to make me your constant companion. Think of me more than you think of your ownself. The more you think of me, the more you realise my love for you. Your duty is to keep me constantly with you throughout your thoughts, speeches and actions. They do their duty who, sincere in their faith and love, surrender to me, guided by the implicit belief in my Divinity as Baba.

They too do their duty who speak ill of me and condemn me through their writings urged by their genuine conviction that Baba is a fraud.

But they are the hypocrites who, not knowing their own minds, are constantly doubting; they are at times, through false emotions, inclined to believe in me and at others indulge in slanderous gossip against me.

No amount of slander can ever affect or change me, nor any amount of admiration and praise enhance or glorify my Divinity. Baba is what he is. I was Baba, I am Baba, and shall forever more remain Baba. My blessings to you all."

N.B. In India since very recently preachers on 'Love of God' have appeared in many parts of the country. But some of them are monists and Shri Meher Baba is one of them. Monism and 'Love of God' go ill together. Love of God disappears completely under the theory of monism. Shri Meher Baba admires his honest critics. According to Bhagwat Geeta monism is one of the means of approaching God, practiced in culture of knowledge by some people in general. The Mahatmas or the high grade spiritualist, however, are transcendental to theories of such monism, pantheism or henotheism. Time and space permitting, we shall go into the details of them. We may draw the reader's attention to our article "Where is Godhead" published in this issue. Editor