IN BACK TO GODHEAD, we've got a magazine like no other. One that glorifies Krsna and tells the science of Krsna. One that faithfully transmits the message of the Vedic sages and the Vedic culture. It serves as the voice of the Vedas today.

Our articles are unique.

Our art is unique.

Our message is unique.

I keep a close eye on other magazines, and as far as I've seen, there simply isn't any other magazine in the world like BTG.

In BTG, Krsna's message comes through in its pure form, so that spirituality is not just a feeling but a scientific fact.

We're printing 14,000 copies of each issue. From being unsure a few years ago how BTG could even survive, we've now become strong and steady. Survival is no longer a problem.

And Back to Godhead is being read. It's having an impact. It's playing a valuable role in reader's lives. That's what I hear from you when you write to us, or when I meet you while traveling.

We're accomplishing our goal of linking readers together and helping one another remember Krsna and move forward in Krsna consciousness.

But we can do better.

Editorially, what we have isn't everything we could have. We're always on the lookout for new ideas and new contributors. So send your ideas, comments, suggestions, criticisms. Or send articles, artwork, or photographs. Volunteer your service for BTG.

Let's raise our circulation.

Though 14,000 copies an issue is enough to keep us going, it's not enough to keep us happy. It's nothing like what we should have. We want to reach more readers.

BTG is not meant only for a fortunate group of devotees.

Let's share our good fortune with others.

In BTG, we have a wonderful tool for helping people become strong and joyful in self-realization and Krsna consciousness. Now let's make full use of that tool.



Spread the word of BTG. Tell people about it. Let them know what you're reading and what they could be reading too. Here's a magazine that can brighten and strengthen their spiritual life. So tell them about it. Talking about BTG is as good as talking about Krsna.

Show people the magazine. Let them see for themselves its spiritual beauty and spiritual substance.

Encourage your friends and relatives to subscribe. Or give them a subscription as a gift.

Do whatever you can to spread the message of Back to Godhead.

By each of us doing a little bit, we can have an effect that can surprise us. Krsna is the most wonderful, and when we give just a little effort to sharing Krsna's message with others, we can have the most wonderful effect.

We have the best philosophy, the best mantra, the best food, the best culture, the best way of life. And it's all there in Back to Godhead. Now the best thing we can do is share it with the world.

Hare Krsna.

 – Jayadvaita Swami