Share Your Care

Pandharpur Medical Camp 2011

Share Your Care along with Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mira Road, conducted a free medical camp for the pilgrims who visit Lord Vitthal during Ashadi Ekadashi 2011.

Our camp started from 04th July with a fully equipped ambulance service from Indapur to Pandharpur. The base camp at Pandharpur started from 09th July till 13th July, 2011. We had a team of 150 volunteers which included 40 doctors and Para medical staff during the camp. Approximately 70000 pilgrims were given free medical service and food at our OPD and over 1500 patients were treated at our IPD during the camp.

Treatment for various ailments like severe injuries, fever, respiratory diseases, gastro intestinal diseases, eye infection, factures, trauma cases, etc. were given to the patients at the camp. The camp was a great relief to the pilgrims who were very grateful for the service the hospital had provided during the camp. Free food was distributed to over 2lakhs pilgrims.

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