The  Pastimes of Lord Narsimhadeva is very auspicious
But lack of knowledge and faith make people suspicious
The form of the Lord Is ferocious but wonderful 
Now how do you explain that to a fool?
Jaya and Vijay, two of Vishnu’s dvara-palas, Appeared as demons,
Being cursed by the four kumaras.
Hiranyakashipu was one of them,
“I am the only God!” was his claim!
To become immortal he tried his best,
But pride and arrogance laid his austerities awaste.
All the demigods were scared of him,
They hurried to satisfy his every whim.
To Accomplish his own sinful ambition,
He treated his son with anger and aggression.
Once he put prahlada in prison,
And also forced him to drink poison.
Hiranyakashipu treated Prahlada very cruelly.
He pushed him down into a deep valley,
A  well full of snakes and roaring flames.
But the Lord’s protection made these harmless games!
Prahlada, his very own son 
Was a crest jewel of devotion
He had strong faith and deep conviction
That the Lord protected us in every critical situation.
Half man and half Lion is an awesome incarnation
Especially planned for Hiranyakashipu’s destruction
The Lord’s angry eyes resembled molten gold,
Yet innocent Prahalada was fearless and bold.
Prahalada approached the Lord’s lotus feet,
To offer heartfelt prayers and also greet.
His heart full of love and devotion,
Pleased the Lord, Who offered him a benediction.
Prahlada, the pure devotee, did not ask for anything,
But the Lord insisted that he ask for something,
Innocent Prahlada asked for his father’s protection and purification,
But having fought and pleased the Lord,
Hiranyakashipu already got liberation.
Prahlada Maharaja has described nine process of devotion,
That include hearing, remembering, serving and renunciation.
Sending all back to godhead is the goal of Prahlada’s mission,
By following his instructions, we can all achieve this perfection!