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Vaisnava's Mood of Studying Bhakti Shastri

In Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells that ignorance must be cut by the sword of transcendental knowledge. In the beginning of creation the supreme Lord Krishna imparted transcendental knowledge to Lord Brahma. tene bramha hradadaye adi kavaye. The purpose of creation is the living entity realises the frustrations the incompleteness that is existing without Krishna. Therefore before Brahma even creates a world which is dukhalayam ashasvatam a world where everything is temporary where there could be no real satisfaction, the purpose of creation is revealed for people to take shelter of lord through transcendental knowledge, detachment and devotion.

Through parampara this knowledge has been passed down. We understand that knowledge alone cannot give the spiritual realisation. When we practice the knowledge we get vigyan we get experience. But unless we know what is to be done and what is not to be done, unless we understand the nature of the soul, the nature of the material nature prakriti the nature of god ishvara the nature of karma why people are suffering here the nature of time the all consuming supreme controller of material existence and their various interrelations how will we know the proper way to live, to achieve the ideals that are holy and true. Thus transcendental knowledge is the basis. The basis of our spiritual lives. That is why Srila Prabhupada said the books are the basis. Unless we do not what to do we cannot build anything upon it that will have substantial purpose for our well being. Thus Krishna imparted transcendental knowledge at the very beginning of creation and it was krishna’s will that it will be passed down in the system of parampara evam parampara praptam. From Brahma to Narada, we know the amazing knowledge that Narada imparted to so many personalities and how it totally transformed their Druva maharaj was frustrated by material existence which is what the material existence is supposed to do to you, frustrate you. He was a son of the king. Material nature did its work. He was really in anxiety and at that point he met Narada muni and Narada muni gave him transcendental knowledge. Not only knowledge of what is the truth but how to apply the knowledge to realize it. Narada muni spoke to him about the nature of the soul the nature of god but how to worship god. Deity worship, chanting the names, tapasya. Dhruva maharaj attained the ultimate perfection. Prahlada Maharaj within the womb of his mother, He heard Narada muni speak transcendental knowledge. It transformed his life as soon as Prahlada Maharaj came out of the womb he applied that knowledge and therefore he is a great mahabhagvata whom we worship even today.

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